General Insurance

Insurance other than 'Life Insurance' falls under the category of General Insurance. General Insurance comprises of insurance of property against fire, burglary etc, personal insurance such as Accident and Health Insurance, and liability insurance which covers legal liabilities.

Mediclaim Insurance

Family Floater Health Insurance:

  • Secure your family against financial emergencies during sudden illness, surgery and accidents as well as against terrorist activities.
  • The coverage is shared amongst the members of your family, hence your entire family gets protection under a single plan. No need to take separate cover for family members.
  • You can avail of tax benefits on your premium paid as per provisions of Section - 80D* of the Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 1961.

This policy also covers you for hospitalizationin case of Swine Flu / H1N1 influenza. For more details of benefits, exclusions etc. click here.

Personal Accident Policy (PA):

Personal Accident policy covers you for:

  • Accidental Death: In case of death of the insured due to an accident within the policy period, the nominee (mentioned in the policy) is compensated with the Sum Insured.
  • Permanent Total Disablement (PTD): Personal Accident pays compensation against the permanent and total loss of limbs, sight etc. due to an accident.
  • Terrorism and Acts of Terrorism: In case of the death of the insured arising out of terrorism or acts of terrorism within the policy period, the nominee (mentioned in the policy) is compensated with the sum Insured. The Company shall also pay compensation against permanent and total loss of limbs, sight etc. (of the insured) arising out of terrorism or acts of terrorism.

For details click here

Motar Insurance:

This policy is for four-wheelers, which generally secure them against damage caused by natural and man-made calamities, accidents. Some also provide cover against acts of terrorism.

Now a days many companies provide facility of cash less settlement of claims if serviced with their network of garages. One can also avail No Claim Bonus (NCB) on renewals if no claim is made during the previous policy period. No Claim Bonus can be transferred fully when you shift your motor insurance policy from one company to another company. For more details click here

Home Insurance

Home Insurance policy secures the structure as well as the contents of your home against natural and man-made disasters.

The policy covers the losses to the structure and contents of your home due to any natural and man made calamities like Fire, Riot, strike, Explosion & implosion, Earthquake, Lightning, Storm, cyclone, tempest, tornado, hurricane, floods, damage due to impact by vehicles, Subsidence, landslides & rockslides etc. The contents of your home are also covered against loss due to burglary or an attempted burglary / housebreaking including larceny and theft. Few companies provide Optional Terrorism Cover which secures your most prized possession against terrorist activities. Insurers may also provide cover against additional expenses of rent for alternative accommodation taken due to damage to your own home.

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