Why You Need Cfp

"It's not what you earn that matters It's what you save and invest that counts"

We all have various dreams that we want to realize. To achieve your goals in life one has to manage finances properly. These goals include buying a house, saving for your child's education, your daughter's marriage, buying a car and eventually planning for retirement. The process and various steps that lead to the proper management of finances is called financial planning.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM is someone who takes an overall view of your financial situation, your commitments and your family responsibilities and evolves the appropriate financial recommendations for you. He has intimate knowledge and experience of various financial instruments & tools that are available to achieve this.

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM will consider all your needs to evolve an appropriate budget, plan taxes, generate savings, recommend investments & insurance to cater for all eventualities. This overall view of all your commitments and goals sets the planner apart from other financial advisors like Stock Brokers, Mutual Fund Agents, LIC Agents etc.These other financial advisors are usually trained to focus only on a particular area of your financial life and are often driven by brokerage or commission paid to them by third parties.


  • Certification:

CFPCM is certification granted by FPSB - Financial Planning Standards Board India, an affiliate of FPSB, Denver USA for Education, Expertise, Experience, Ethics in Finanical Planning Practice. Its highest standard in highly professional Financial Planning practice.

  • Independent and unbiased Opinion:
Conselling and not selling is their main motto. CFPCM charges fees for their opinion and hence opinion is independent and more beneficial for clients. Current nominal fees results into higher financial benefits in future.
  • Personalised Opinion:
Opinion given by CFPCM is based on your existing financial situation and your expected financial goals for future. Every opinion given to client is unique one and is according to applicable to his own financial situation.
  • Implementation, monitoring and review:
CFPCM will carry out the implementation of the finalized plan for you. Further, Plan will be periodically monitored and reviewed. This is imperative to adjust the plan to the changing situation in one's life, financial situation and income levels.
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